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Uncle Walter is dead. He died last week at 92, just short of the 40th anniversary of the original moon walk by my namesake Neil Armstrong. I remember watching that momentous event with my friend, Karen Lang, in ’69.  I had just graduated from High School and was wondering what life had in store for me.  I was waiting for my draft board to decide my fate and there wasn’t room for much hope or optimism, aside from being in love (and even that was fraught with trouble, as I had discovered the month before when my “girlfriend” had dumped me for a college boy…). But that day, for one brief afternoon, there was a break in the storm, a moment in history Continue reading



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I can’t even think that without thinking of The Dead Kennedys.

San Pedro, California…it’s not just a small town clinging to it’s past, it’s also a concept, a mindset, if you will. The locals here used to call it The Island, because in order to get into town from the north (Los Angeles) you had to drive over a bridge, and later, from Long Beach to the east, it was another bridge (because the ferry was too slow). Eventually the Harbor Freeway dead-ended here, but you still cross that old bridge, you just don’t know it anymore. I don’t know if the locals still call it The Island, but the islander attitude still exists here. Continue reading

Hero Worship

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I’ve been thinking a lot about starting this blog. I’ve started other blogs before, but I keep forgetting where they are…my computer has died and been reborn 3 times in the past year and each time it goes, I have to start from scratch, so please, bear with me.

I keep noticing things that go quietly by in the news stream that seem to point to the diminishing fabric of the individual, like the way you wear out the knees on a pair of jeans…it just gets thinner and thinner until one day there’s only a few strands left and then nothing.  Only in this case there may not be a patch that can cover the hole. Continue reading